Discover the world of wine and all of its subtelties !

Our teams are demonstrating at your home the basics of wine tasting, allowing you to impress your friends ! you’ll be introduced to the wine world in a pedagogic way, mixing theroy and practice all in a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Our sommeliers will share with you their knowledge and passion.

Pack 01

Dégustation découverte

(minimum of 5 guests)

What are the technics for wine tasting ? How to use all of your senses ? During this degustation, we’ll be answering your expectations by combining theory and application.
From the scent game to the wine tasting, you’ll be immersed in the fascinating world of wine.


Pack 02

Dégustation prestige

(minimum of 5 guests)

A prestigious degustation, a sesame to meet the excellence of the greatest French Grand Crus. You’ll enjoy the best terroirs of Bordeaux or get to discover the land and climate of Burgundy region. Treat your self with a share of the myth, of which all wine enthusiast of the world have dreamt.

vin-icon Contents of our tasting

The service includes : 

  • A sommelier to animate your tasting
  • The Provision of the equipment and the necessary glassware
  • 5 wines to taste, wine list on request
  • A explanatory support.

The different steps :

  • Understand the balance of a wine
  • Recognize and identify the aromas
  • Develop his nos (scents game)
  • Learn to describe a wine
  • Tasting
  • Judge the aging potentiel of a wine